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The Natural Breakthrough Blend For Empaths With Fatigue and Overwhelm

Supports Healthy Energy Levels, Emotional Protection, and Calmness Backed by 7 Traditional Herbs

Energy & Vitality

Empath EV is a one-of-a-kind energy and vitality revitalizing supplement for empaths.

This bio-available, completely natural formula contains all 7 of the clinically studied herbs needed to help turn DOWN stress and exhaustion and turn UP energy, vitality and joy.

All in the optimal amounts for highly sensitive souls.

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What Makes Empath EV Special?

Empath EV is uniquely formulated for highly sensitive people and empaths.

It contains a unique combination of adaptogens used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic remedies for thousands of years. And remedies that may help lower stress while lifting energy and mood.
All 7 adaptogens have also been scientifically studied for their ability to support the adrenals and lift the energy, vitality and joy the body feels.

Finally, A Supplement Just for Sensitive Souls!

For a long time nobody knew why empaths suffer from stress and exhaustion more than most people.

Yet breakthrough research by scientists from UCLA University and Monash University may have solved the mystery.
After analyzing the brains of highly sensitive people, they found that empaths have larger ‘empathy zones’.¹

In other words, they FEEL the energies and emotions in the world more than most folks.

This explains why empaths can feel headachy after a trip to the supermarket…

make excuses to go home early from a friend’s dinner party…

or feel drained after being around certain people.
It’s because they FEEL the world more than most people.
Maybe some empaths can relate to the following story of one of our customers... (Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality)

Clara's Story...

“Clara is just too sensitive!”

That’s what I heard my sister say about me for probably the millionth time in my life… after I just told her I was about to quit my job of 5 years because I could no longer handle the emotional toll it took on me.

I was working an admin position for a completely toxic employer. And between my boss being a narcissist and his “minions” at work (plus the clients I was trying to help), it took everything out of me… and I became disabled.

But those last few years were hardly the only time I’ve dealt with such intense feelings.

Prior to that position, I spent most of my life working as a licensed aesthetician. I was doing chakra balancing and energy work for decades before its recent explosion in popularity over the internet.

Even back then though, I immediately noticed that some clients would suck the energy out of me like vampires. Even if they were the first client of the day, I’d be too exhausted to continue on once I finished with them…

When just laying my hands on one of these clients to do a Facial, I could feel the energy exchange between us. And it had a major negative effect on my mood.

It was extremely difficult to deal with…

Don’t get me wrong though, I do appreciate who I am - along with the compassion and intuition I have. I love that I’m an empath rather than whatever the heck is going on with half of humanity right now…

It may sound funny to say, but I do care for people… It’s just so hard to be around many of them as crowds, inauthenticity, and arguing tend to bring me down.

Add in the global events over the last few years along with an overbearing employment situation, and I’ve really been pushed to my breaking point.

How Being A ‘Super Absorber’ Wears Out the Adrenal Glands

The story above illustrates how feeling more of the world’s energies and emotions can have its downsides.
It also means empaths may be at higher risk of worn out adrenal glands.
This occurs when the adrenal glands struggle to manage the flow of stress signals from the brain.
Due to feeling emotions more than most people, the adrenals in empaths get bombarded with too many stress signals.
Over time, the adrenals get worn out.
The result is chronic exhaustion, overwhelm and having to find a quiet room to recover.

How Empath EV Supports Adrenal Health In a Unique Way

Empath EV is uniquely formulated to address how being ‘super absorbers’ affects adrenal health.
Empath EV contains the 7 best adaptogens scientifically studied for their benefits at supporting adrenal health without side effects.
Just two capsules a day may give the adrenals what they need to manage a healthy response to stress while lifting energy and mood.
As a result, Empath EV puts users in control of their sensitivities, rather than being buffeted by them.
So users can look forward to happy, calm moods. And be brimming with joyful energy, using their empathic gifts as a SUPERPOWER to project love, protection and compassion into the world.

Users May Experience Transforming Benefits…
Such as:

  • Lasting energy that helps promote energy from morning until bedtime
  • Deeper Sleep which allows the restorative healing processes one needs to function at their best
  • Clearer Thinking to reason through any situation without the struggle of brain fog
  • Stabler Mood and happier feelings so users can enjoy life without feeling wild swings or “down” 24/7
  • Increased Control over the sensitivities that previously prevented them from doing the things they want to do
  • Better Relationships where they have the ability to establish deeper, more meaningful connections that grow their social life
  • ​Acceptance of Gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon them as an empath, so that they can shine their radiance to the world
  • Steadied Focus on their immediate environment and the here and now so they remain always present
  • Greater Peace from within and radical acceptance of their mind and environment

Doctors Now Recommend Empath EV

"In all my years as a medical doctor, I haven’t seen anything this effective,” says Dr. Kim Langdon from Columbus, Ohio.
”As a clinical doctor with over 19 years of clinical experience, I've found many empaths notice improved energy, concentration and vitality, while enjoying less stress, fatigue and brain fog, within just a few weeks."

The #1 Supplement for Empaths -
The Correct Ingredients in the Correct Amounts for Highly Sensitive Souls

Most adrenal support supplements don’t contain the correct combination of adaptogens or in the correct amounts to be effective.

Whereas Empath EV contains the best adaptogens in the optimal amounts for empaths. So there’s none of the jitters, nervousness or heart palpitations of average off-the-shelf adrenal supplements.
See, Mother Nature provided human beings with “stress regulators” called adaptogens.
These have been used and studied for thousands of years across the globe…
From ancient tribes to folk medicine. Our ancestors sang the praises of these holistic medicines in their most sacred texts.
Now science is backing up what these ancient healers always knew.
There are 7 especially potent and effective herbs that are even more powerful when combined together.
And who benefits the most from this particular blend of herbs?
That’s right. Those with a hypersensitive nervous system… like empaths.
For people tired of struggling with frequent stress, worry, nervousness or low energy…
These herbs may be the difference between feeling trapped, and having a centered sense of calmness within their own mind and environment.
Just flowing energy, vitality and joy with the help of an all-natural product made right here in a US-based (Georgia) facility.

The 7 Ancient Adaptogens Inside Every Capsule


In the natural medicine world, one won’t hear about stress without hearing about Ashwagandha. It’s a powerhouse for those that deal with feelings of fatigue and overwhelm...

Ashwagandha is a superstar among the adaptogens, and has been used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) for thousands of years.

Studies show Ashwagandha helps reduce excess cortisol stress responses to boost energy levels and promote healthy immune function.² ³


An ancient Chinese proverb says, "I would rather take a handful of eleuthero than a cartload of gold and jewels." ⁴
Well-known functional health expert Dr. Amy Meyers wrote that "eleuthero primarily works by influencing the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that controls metabolism and energy."
An article in Medical News Today also shows that "[Eleuthero] contains compounds known to help overcome exhaustion and prevent its side effects."

Panax Ginseng

Used by ancient tribes in the Far East for thousands of years, Ginseng is one of the most potent adaptogens Nature gives us.
Research shows it can improve mood, focus, memory and even increase one of the main ‘happy hormones' called serotonin.⁷ ⁸
Multiple studies have shown it to be could be helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue — a very common issue amongst the hypersensitive prone to overwhelm.⁹

Astragalus Root

Traditional Chinese medicine is wise enough to recommend this herb as an important supplement to support the body when it’s undergoing serious, constant stress and pressure.
Preliminary research shows astragalus may help improve tiredness in people with chronic fatigue syndrome when combined with other herbal supplements.¹⁰
Astragalus can take care of the most physiological aspects of stress, keeping the immune system active and organs (liver, heart, kidneys) working properly.¹¹

Rhodiola Root

Sometimes called Siberian Ginseng because of its ability to grow in cold regions and at high altitudes, Rhodiola Rosea is a strong plant with great benefits.
It was chosen for that strength, too.
With empaths' bodies affected by toxic stress, even the idea of borrowing strength from this plant seemed exciting.
But the properties of Rhodiola go beyond just strength.
It excels at managing stress and mood disorders and has been shown to improve symptoms in patients with 'General Anxiety Disorder' (GAD).¹²
And I also liked how it helps support and improve cognitive function…¹³
Helping the brain, in addition to the body.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil or Tulsi literally means "balance" and is also called the "Queen of Herbs."
This beautiful plant is like a tonic for the body, mind, and spirit.
Helping out the mind to cope with stress…
While also helping the body and mind rest and recover after a good night's sleep.¹⁴
Empaths tend to pick up so much energy during the day…
That it's important to unplug and unwind so the body can do its job of recovery...
And build stronger boundaries against stress and emotional discomfort.

Licorice Root

Licorice is a sticky extract and widely used as a natural sweetener. It has been used since Egyptian times as a confectionary and medicament.¹⁵
Licorice Root was added to Empath EV as it contains compounds designed to support healthy cortisol metabolism which in turn helps the body manage stress more effectively.¹⁶

Real Empaths, Sharing Real Results with Empath EV*

These little bottles fixed what multiple doctors and “specialists” couldn’t, within weeks.

I was having severe convulsions, rapid heart rate, feeling of heart stopping, extreme anxiety attacks and all.

With exercise and clean eating… Empath EV is a GODSEND.
I feel like a whole new woman. Thank you to Dr. Tara and her team for creating this. You guys helped change my life.

Daphne R.

I’ve been dealing with adrenal fatigue since 2009. I have tried many adrenal fatigue supplements in that time, including 2 different naturopaths recommendations.

This is by far the best I’ve used. I was needing two pills in the morning and two in the afternoon for the crash(all other supplements).

I started noticing around the second bottle that I kept forgetting and didn’t notice. I was hooked by the third bottle and when I ran out I searched high and low for this to reorder. I found nothing.

Luckily I saw this again on FB. I will keep the paperwork this time to stay on it. I’m not sure everyone will have my results but I truly love this product.

Lea A. G.

I'm only a couple weeks in with the supplement, I started with one a day, no side effects so far.

I've been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past two years, tried different antidepressants and nothing has really worked.

I can honestly say that I have not been on any medication since I started using the supplement and find myself leveling out, the anxiety and mood swings are definitely decreasing!!

Deborah B.

It definitely has worked well to stabilize the emotional swings during some hard times, preventing me from feeling totally overwhelmed and tired all the time. I'd recommend it.

Alex S.

I actually ordered the supplement through an ad. Believe it or not, IT ACTUALLY HELPS ME!

I sleep better at night, I am happier when I am awake and I am not permanently stressed out all the time.

Terri S.

I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel.

My head feels more clear and I have not just energy but it feels like I feel healthier.

Thinking it was in my mind, I took the bottle to my doctor, who has confirmed in the past that I have “adrenal fatigue “.

She read the ingredients and said they all looked safe and was all good!

She went on to say that the amounts of the ingredients were very small and I could take more than two a day.

Most days I only remember to take one and I’m feeling fabulous.

Andrea G-M.

I am on day 3 and I already feel an overall improvement. I am excited to see how I feel in 30-60 days :)

Corinna D.

I’ve started on the Empath EV supplement maybe less than 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed a big difference!! I do feel better.

The fatigue is better, my moods are better. I’ve had an overall change in my thinking. The fog is partly clearing. I’ve been recalling some things from my past that I’ve forgotten!! I can’t thank you enough.

Renee T.

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I think it has helped me get through much better than anything before - natural or medication.

Kathy C.

I received my supplements
and I am AMAZED!!

I was afraid these would be loaded w Caffeine, or something that would leave me feeling jittery and all around "unwell"...
but I took a gamble and purchased multiple bottles (plus the complimentary bottle from you, Thank you!).

From the very first day I took them, I've only felt more awake and energetic - WITHOUT feelingover-stimulated and sick.

I felt as if I HADN'T taken anything "extra" at all- I feel like I NATURALLY have more Energy -and NO jittery side effects at all.
I feel like "myself", or how I USED to feel.

I have always been sensitive to the energy of others;it's difficult for me to be in "crowds" and I was extra-sensitive to others' feelings around me.

The Empath EV supplements have been the first thing to increase my energy level to where I'm NOT fatigued and overwhelmed all day - and that's on only ONE Capsule a day!

I only wish you had these available 20 yrs ago!

Needless to say, these are worth every penny!!

Thank you!

Cathy Jo P.

For the first time in 40 years it felt miraculous to wake up without feeling lethargic. The nerve pain has calmed down as well.

Before finding your product I dreaded daylight. The agony of waking up feeling like I hadn't slept and oftentimes falling limp back onto the bed after struggling to get out of bed. The thought of being overwhelmed with depression again is unbearable.

Years ago a doctor diagnosed me as an Empath when I explained how I felt the pains and emotions of others and how it caused me physical pain. For whatever reason he did not treat me for it.For years I tried to remember what it was that he said I was suffering with.

I have been praying to God for years for healing so, when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw your ad I recognized the word Empath as what the doctor diagnosed me as being. I knew without a doubt that God had answered my prayer.

I have my son, who suffers with low testosterone that's making him lethargic, start taking your product. And another son who has chronic pain and fibromyalgia started taking it because he's been feeling lethargic.

Thank you for answering your calling to help Empaths.

Charlie M.

Either It Works — Or It's FREE

Thousands of highly sensitive women now take Empath EV daily as part of their self care routine.

Its ingredients have been scientifically studied for their potency at relieving stress while lifting energy and mood.

However, if there is no improvement to be noticed in energy, vitality or overall happiness in life, every cent can be refunded within 90 days of purchase.

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Yet with none of the jitters or nervousness.
Just flowing energy, lifted moods, and more joy in daily life.
Empath EV is also like a multivitamin.
So the benefits last as long as Empath EV is taken. And stop the moment it's no longer used.
The benefits of Empath EV also build over time.
The longer it's taken, the more time its adaptogens have to harmonize with the adrenals. And the higher the level of flowing energy and vitality users may expect to feel.
So when ordering four bottles customers get an even BIGGER discount.
Such a big discount that Empath EV works out at just $19 per bottle.
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  • Block and transmute negative energy so they don't feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed all the time.
  • ​Enjoy more clarity and insight on what really makes them feel happy and fulfilled in life.
  • Develop their gift, help those in need, and shine their light in today's unstable world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

Empaths are super absorbers of energy and emotion. This means they may be at a higher risk of adrenal dysfunction than most people.

Empath EV supports the adrenal glands to respond to stress in a healthy way. So that rather than exhausted and in a low mood, they can feel energized and happy.
Empath EV does this thanks to a unique combination of 7 adaptogens. Ingredients used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and traditional chinese remedies for lifting energy, vitality and mood.
And ingredients now verified in scientific studies for their potential to help support adrenal health.
Thousands of highly sensitive people and empaths now take Empath EV as part of their daily self care ritual. And it has lots of positive reviews and a popular community on Facebook to prove it.

Is Empath EV safe? Will it give me jitters?

If you’ve experienced heart palpitations, jitters and nervousness from other supplements it’s likely they contained stimulants.

These are ingredients, like caffeine, that artificially change how the body behaves.
If you’ve had a bad reaction to a supplement, it may have also contained some ingredients in amounts that were too high, or too low, for the higher sensitivities of empaths.
Empath EV takes the higher sensitivities of empaths into consideration.
So each ingredient is formulated based on the latest studies and the optimal amounts for empaths.
It won’t give you any jolts, jitters or a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Instead it’s gentle in how it releases flowing energy, calmer moods, and happier thoughts.
What’s more, Empath EV is made in a US-based, GMP Certified Facility that follows all FDA Guidelines. And each batch is independently tested by a third-party laboratory. This ensures that what you see on the label is what you get inside each bottle.


Everyone's body is different, so it's very difficult to predict exactly when you'll begin feeling results from Empath EV.

We suggest you take it at least 60 days.
This gives enough time for it to start working in harmony with the brain and body.
Many people select the 2 or 4 bottle package so it’s smart to order either option to be sure you have enough to last and you get the best results you deserve.



We want you to feel comfortable getting Empath EV.
So in the unlikely event that there is no noticeable change in energy, mood or joy in any way, we will refund every cent.
This means if you change your mind about your purchase for any reason…
You can send it back to us for a refund within 90 days of delivery! No questions asked!


The recommended dosage of Empath EV is 2 capsules in the morning, preferably with a meal.

What are the ingredients?

Other ingredients: Gelatin (bovine), rice powder, vegetable magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. BioPerine is a registered trademark of the Sabinsa Corporation.

When can i expect my order?

True Empath offers FREEshipping for all domestic USA orders!
All orders ship within one to two business days via USPS from our warehouse located in Indiana.
Orders typically take 3-5 business daysto be delivered.
Tracking information is provided via email from support@trueempath.com upon shipment of your order.

I have a health issue/concern. can i take this?

If you are unsure if you can take Empath EV for any reason, please consult with your doctor.


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