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The Breakthrough Blend That Helps Empaths Achieve Inner Peace

Increased Energy, Emotional Protection, and Calmness Backed by 7 Traditional Herbs

What Makes Empath EV Special?

Empath EV is uniquely formulated for highly sensitive people and empaths.

It contains a unique combination of adaptogens used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic remedies for thousands of years. And remedies that help lower stress while lifting energy and mood.
All 7 adaptogens have also been scientifically studied for their ability to support the adrenals and lift the energy, vitality and joy the body feels.

Finally, A Supplement Just for Sensitive Souls!

For a long time nobody knew why empaths suffer from stress and exhaustion more than most people.

Yet breakthrough research by scientists from UCLA University and Monash University solved the mystery.
After analyzing the brains of highly sensitive people, they found that empaths have larger ‘empathy zones’.

In other words, they FEEL the energies and emotions in the world more than most folks.

This explains why empaths can feel headachy after a trip to the supermarket…

make excuses to go home early from a friend’s dinner party…

or feel drained after being around certain people.
It’s because they FEEL the world more than most people.

How Being A ‘Super Absorber’ Wears Out the Adrenal Glands

Feeling more of the world’s energies and emotions also has a downside.
It means empaths are at higher risk of worn out adrenal glands.
This occurs when the adrenal glands struggle to manage the flow of stress signals from the brain.
Due to feeling emotions more than most people, the adrenals in empaths get bombarded with too many stress signals.
Over time, the adrenals get worn out.
The result is chronic exhaustion, overwhelm and having to find a quiet room to recover.

How Empath EV Supports Adrenal Health In a Unique Way

Empath EV is uniquely formulated to address how being ‘super absorbers’ affects adrenal health.
Empath EV contains the 7 best adaptogens scientifically studied for their benefits at supporting adrenal health without side effects.
Just two capsules a day gives the adrenals what they need to manage a healthy response to stress while lifting energy and mood.
As a result, Empath EV puts you in control of your sensitivities, rather than buffeted by them.
So you can look forward to happy, calm moods. And to be brimming with joyful energy, so you can use your empathic gifts as a SUPERPOWER to project love, protection and compassion into the world.

Users May Experience Life Transforming Benefits…
Such as:

  • Boosted Energy that keeps you going from morning till night, doing more and seeing more than you’ve been able to keep up with
  • Deeper Sleep which allows the restorative healing processes you need work to let you function at your best
  • More Confidence to set hard boundaries with narcissists and energy vampires you could never establish
  • Clearer Thinking to reason through any situation without the struggle of intense brain fog
  • Stabler Mood and happier feelings so you can enjoy your life without feeling wild swings or “down” 24/7
  • Increased Control over the sensitivities that previously prevented you from doing the things you want to do
  • Better Relationships where you have the ability to establish deeper, more meaningful connections that grow your social life
  • ​Acceptance of Gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon you as an empath, so that you can shine your radiance to the world
  • Protective Shielding from emotional absorption that would usually leave you drained and exhausted… but not anymore
  • Steadied Focus on your immediate environment and the here and now so you remain always present
  • Greater Peace from within yourself, and radical acceptance of your mind and the environment

Doctors Now Recommend Empath EV

"In all my years as a medical doctor, I haven’t seen anything this effective,” says Dr. Kim Langdon from Columbus, Ohio.
”As a clinical doctor with over 19 years of clinical experience, I've found many empaths notice improved energy, concentration and vitality, while enjoying less stress, fatigue and brain fog, within just a few weeks."

The #1 Supplement for Empaths -
The Correct Ingredients in the Correct Amounts for Highly Sensitive Souls

Most adrenal support supplements don’t contain the correct combination of adaptogens or in the correct amounts to be effective.

Whereas Empath EV contains the best adaptogens in the optimal amounts for empaths. So there’s none of the jitters, nervousness or heart palpitations of average off-the-shelf adrenal supplements.
Just flowing energy, vitality and joy with the help of an all-natural product made in the USA (Georgia).

The 7 Ancient Herbs You’ll Find Inside Every Capsule


Originally prized in Ayurvedic medicine, a study by Murdoch University found that taking Ashwagandha for 60 days results in a "statistically significant reduction" in stress.


Eleuthero grows in the frozen prairies of Outer Mongolia and Siberia. Local people prize its energy restoring benefits so highly an Ancient Chinese proverb says “I would rather take a handful of eleuthero than a cartload of gold and jewels.”

Panax Ginseng

An adaptogen native to China’s Northeast mountains. Mayo Clinic’s scientists reviewed 10 of the most thorough studies of Panax Ginseng. Based on the evidence, they concluded it’s a “promising treatment for chronic fatigue”.

Astragalus Root

Having a long and rich history in the steppes of Mongolia, Astragalus helps calm the physical symptoms of stress. It may also help support a healthy immune system and keep organs working properly.

Rhodiola Root

Used for thousands of years in Eastern and Central European mountains, studies suggest it helps with maintaining a healthy metabolism and creating energy, endurance and strength.  

Holy Basil

A popular ingredient in herbal remedies for lifting mood. It’s also thought to support a healthy inflammation response.

Licorice Root

You may know licorice for its sweet taste. Yet licorice also helps manage the production of stress hormones at a healthy level.

"These little bottles fixed what multiple doctors and “specialists” couldn’t, within weeks.

I was having severe convulsions, rapid heart rate, feeling of heart stopping, extreme anxiety attacks and all.
With exercise and clean eating… Empath EV is a GODSEND.
I feel like a whole new woman. Thank you to Dr. Tara and her team for creating this. You guys helped change my life."
Daphne R.

"I actually ordered the supplement through an ad. Believe it or not, IT ACTUALLY HELPS ME!

I sleep better at night, I am happier when I am awake and I am not permanently stressed out all the time."

Terri S.

Either It Works — Or It's FREE

Thousands of highly sensitive women now take Empath EV daily as part of their self care routine.

Its ingredients have been scientifically studied for their potency at relieving stress while lifting energy and mood.

However, if you experience no improvement in your energy, vitality or happiness in life, every cent can be refunded within 90 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Pick your bundle:Choose from three bundle options on this page. The more you buy, the greater the savings.

2. Get it delivered:We ship your item(s) within 24 hours (or on Monday if you order during the weekend) and the package will arrive at your door within 3-5 working days.

3. Get results:We are proud to have a 96% customer satisfaction rate accross all of our supplements.

How do I know this will work for me?

Empaths are super absorbers of energy and emotion. This means they are at higher risk of adrenal dysfunction than most people.

Empath EV supports the adrenal glands to respond to stress in a healthy way. So that rather than exhausted and in a low mood, people can feel energized and happy.
Empath EV does this thanks to a unique combination of 7 adaptogens. Ingredients used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and traditional chinese remedies for lifting energy, vitality and mood.
And ingredients now verified in scientific studies for their ability to support adrenal health.
Thousands of highly sensitive people and empaths now take Empath EV as part of their daily self care ritual. And it has lots of positive reviews and a popular community on Facebook to prove it.

Is Empath EV safe? Will it give me jitters?

If you’ve experienced heart palpitations, jitters and nervousness from other supplements it’s likely they contained stimulants.

These are ingredients, like caffeine, that artificially change how the body behaves.
If you’ve had a bad reaction to a supplement, it may have also contained some ingredients in amounts that were too high, or too low, for the higher sensitivities of empaths.
Empath EV takes the higher sensitivities of empaths into consideration.
So each ingredient is formulated based on the latest studies and the optimal amounts for empaths.
It won’t give you any jolts, jitters or a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Instead it’s gentle in how it releases flowing energy, calmer moods, and happier thoughts.
What’s more, Empath EV is made in a US-based, GMP Certified Facility that follows all FDA Guidelines. And each batch is independently tested by a third-party laboratory. This ensures that what you see on the label is what you get inside each bottle.


Everyone's body is different, so it's very difficult to predict exactly when you'll begin feeling results from Empath EV.

We suggest you take it at least 60 days.
This gives enough time for it to start working in harmony with your brain and body.
Many people select the 4 or 6 bottle package so it’s smart to order either option to be sure you have enough to last and you get the best results you deserve.



We want you to feel comfortable giving Empath EV.
So in the unlikely event that you don't experience an improvement in your energy, mood, joy or feel better in any way we will refund every cent.
This means if you change your mind about your investment for any reason in the next 90 days…
Just contact our U.S. based customer service team…
And we’ll immediately refund your investment with zero questions asked.


The recommended dosage of Empath EV is 2 capsules in the morning, preferably with a meal.