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Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, and High-Quality Herbs. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Relieve Occasional Exhaustion and Find Your Focus With This Herbal Blend. Our Revival Herbal Blend is formulated to combat adrenal exhaustion, helping your body handle stress, calming the nervous system and supporting your ability to focus.  

Revival is all-natural and non-synthetic.

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6 Adaptogenic Herbs +
4 Nervine Herbs

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs are aptly described by their name, as they assist the body in adapting to different stressors, and support the body’s ability to maintain its natural internal balance.

Nervine Herbs

Nervine herbs are plants which are known to soothe and support the nerves. These calming herbs soothe the mind and support the nervous system, making them the perfect addition to the adaptogenic herbs in this formula.

Accordion 1

These botanicals are made through dynamic processes, extracting heat-sensitive compounds with glycerin. This allows for more bioavailability of the organic compounds found in the herbs that would otherwise be denatured and rendered inert by alcohol. Additionally, by making our tinctures alcohol-free, we aim to make a more inclusive product for all!